Filmmaker Judy Garland Piersol

While Googling for the latest information about DS, I ran into an article about filmmaker Judy Garland Piersol, who has Dejerine-Sottas, and is working on a semi-autobiographical movie entitled Split Real.
Piersol lines up a shot

In the film, two women dream of making an artistic feature film and write a formulaic script to try to finance it. The crummy script, of course, becomes a big hit and the women are both offered high-paying jobs as screenwriters.
But the character with a disability, Bette Davis Crawford, realizes her physical condition is rapidly deteriorating, and, if she waits, she may never be able to make her film: "her baby," as Piersol calls it.
"The script is about public and private realities," Piersol says. The character’s disability is "a large part of the story. She doesn’t even tell her project partner the severity of the issue. But by the end of the movie, the audience is shown a successful Bette, in a wheelchair, with a boyfriend, making her movie. She’s come to terms with it.”

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