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Double helix bracelets

November 17, 2002

Filed under: Miscellaneous

Double helix braceletI love cool science stuff like this. It’s a double helix bracelet from Carolyn Forsman Conversation Piece Jewelry, available online or in the MoMA Design Store. Available in silver, hematite, rainbow, and metallic red, fuchsia, royal, lime, and jade. (Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this site in any way, though I wish I was.)

Surfing specs open net for disabled

November 13, 2002

Filed under: Assistive Technology

_38459799_specs300.jpgResearchers at the University of Ulster, UK, have come up with technology that could bridge the digital divide for disabled people. A set of customised spectacles, dubbed the Look Device, allow individuals with severe physical impairments to surf the web using just eye movements.

Pre-treating stem cells turns them into neurons

Filed under: Stem Cell Research

Scientists have made another breakthrough in stem cell research, bringing us a step closer to treatments for neurodegenerative diseases and spinal cord injuries.

Previous attempts to replace damaged nerve cells have failed, with only a few cells developing into neurons.
By treating the stem cells with chemicals, the scientists succeeded in changing them into neurons.