Call for CMT or Dejerine-Sottas Patients

The laboratory of Dr. Lisa Baumbach at the University of Miami has recently discovered a new DNA polymorphism in the pmp-22 gene in the CMT1A duplication region. The polymorphism appears to be specific to individuals of African American heritage and was found in conjunction with other disease-causing mutations in two unrelated severely affected CMT patients of African-American descent. Dr. Baumbach?s laboratory is requesting blood specimens from any CMT or Dejerine-Sottas patients of African American heritage, for further molecular studies related to this polymorphism and genotype:phenotype correlations. For further information, please contact
Dr. Lisa Baumbach
University of Miami School of Medicine
Room 6021, MCCD
1601 NW 12 Avenue
Miami, FL 33136
phone (305)243-3997;
fax (305)243-3919;

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