Call and Say Thanks!: A Message from the Christopher Reeve Action Network

There are currently 197 co-sponsors of The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act. Click here to see if your Member of Congress is a co-sponsor, if they are, please thank them. We are only 20 co-sponsors away from a majority and want to ensure our champions are hearing from us.

Through your hard work and the efforts of our Congressional champions, the House Republican leadership has agreed to allow a floor vote on The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, H.R. 810. The bi-partisan legislation calls for research that utilizes excess human embryonic stem cells donated from in vitro fertilization clinics for the purpose of fertility treatments that would otherwise be destroyed. We’re grateful for the leadership from Representatives Michael Castle (R-DE) and Diana DeGette (D-CO).
After more than three years, this is a great opportunity to enhance President Bush’s restrictive policy! Your Member of Congress needs to hear from you!
The House Republican leadership has made an agreement with stem cell research champion Representative Castle to debate and vote on H.R. 810 sometime within the next few weeks, before the Memorial Day recess.
Please VISIT, CALL and EMAIL your legislators to thank them for their co-sponsorship and express constituent support for expanding the stem cell research restrictions.

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