Just Announced! Stem Cell Vote on Tuesday: A Message from the Christopher Reeve Action Network

It was just announced this afternoon – The House of Representatives will vote on the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act on TUESDAY, MAY 24th.
We’ve been waiting for nearly four years for this opportunity. Through your hard work, we have 201 co-sponsors as of today, and we’re planning an all-out last minute push to get us to a majority in the House (218 votes)
On Monday, we’re going to do a National Call-in Day to urge Congress to vote YES on H.R. 810, The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act – expanding the federal embryonic stem cell policy and offering hope to over 128 million Americans.
Even those Members of Congress who already have indicated their support need to hear from you in support of H.R. 810 so they know that it’s an important issue in their district. These calls will make the critical difference!
We’ve come so far, and we can win this! Please mark your calendars and set aside a few minutes on Monday to make the call.

Talking Points on H.R 810:
** Note: When you call, ask for the health aide, and if the aide is not there, leave a detailed voicemail for him/her and request a return call. Try to avoid leaving a message with the front desk.

  • As a constituent, I am calling to urge Representative _______ to vote YES on H.R. 810, the “Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005” introduced by Representatives Castle and DeGette.
  • This bill would expand the current federal policy on embryonic stem cell research to allow for federal funding on stem cell lines that meet clear ethical guidelines, which is needed for scientists to explore the full promise of this research.
  • Explain your personal connection to this legislation.
  • Embryonic stem cells have the potential to be used to treat and better understand a multitude of diseases and injuries.
  • I strongly urge Representative ______ to vote YES H.R. 810 to move this important field of research forward.

There is no time to waste. Take Action Now, and encourage your Members of Congress to vote YES on H.R.810.

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