Site helps uninsured find health coverage

Condensed from The Arizona Republic:
The National Association of Health Underwriters has rolled out an Internet site that provides state-by-state information on coverage options for many situations – including job changers, high-risk people unable to obtain traditional insurance and the poor.
The new site,, is helpful to a computer savvy consumer who understands insurance terms. That’s especially the case if it is used in conjunction with other Internet sites that provide price quotes on individual policies and the consumer health insurance information.
Every three years an average of one in four adults loses employer-based health coverage – at least temporarily – because of a job change, an employer’s bankruptcy or another life event such as early retirement or a divorce, according to Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute.
For people with pre-existing health problems, the new Web site lists the 32 states that have high-risk pools…. and a state-by-state list of health programs for the poor such as Medicaid and the federally subsidized State Children’s Health Insurance Program.

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