Drawing with DNA: ‘Bioart’ illuminates genomics

Readers in the Los Angeles area may be interested in the following exhibit at SIGGRAPH 2005:

On any given day, tens of thousands of biologists around the globe run DNA sequences of unknown function through a lightning-fast online algorithm called BLAST – typically submitting 200 to 400 base pairs, or “letters” of genetic code, to be matched against the billions of letters for known genes. Searching for similarities that can shed light on functional or evolutionary relationships, scientists routinely use BLAST to churn through and produce vast amounts of data. Everyday applications include genetic medicine and pharmaceuticals. Yet this process and, more generally, genomics remain dimly understood by the public.
Ecce Homology,” an interactive “bioart” installation to be showcased at SIGGRAPH 2005–in Los Angeles, July 31 through Aug. 4–quite literally makes BLAST and genomics visible. [Medical News Today]

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