New NT-3 Editorial by Dr. Pleasure & Dr. Chance

Gretchen of CMTUS has posted a copy of an editorial about NT-3. (Join the group to access their files.)

I have just uploaded the NEW NT-3 Editorial by Dr. David Pleasure and Dr. Phil Chance (CMT Experts) that was published in Neurology. 2005 Sep 13;65(5):662-3 the title is “Neurotrophin-3 therapy for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1A.” You can find this in our CMTUS Files under ‘NT-3’ click folder to open, then look for ‘NT-3 Editorial’. Vitamin C is mentioned too.
And special thanks to Dr. Chance (in Seattle) who honored my request to read this editorial and send me a copy 🙂 Thanks too, to Dr. Pleasure from the University of California at Davis.

Again, this isn’t specific to Dejerine-Sottas, but may turn out to be applicable for future research.

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