Booklet is ready and more news from HNF – October 2005

The following is from the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation‘s October newsletter:
We’re pleased to announce that our patient information booklet is now available for distribution to our registered HNF members. This high-quality production presents an in depth overview of the common experiences of coping with CMT. This essential guide is provided to HNF members along with full access privileges to For members who have registered and provided a membership donation, we thank you and hope you will find our booklet of assistance.
Be sure and register at and read our latest research article to learn how researchers from Howard Hughes Medical Institute are using muscle tissue from tarantulas to understand the detailed structure and arrangement of molecular motor control; a key component needed to better understand the progressive nature of CMT.
Our public awareness motto is “leave NO stone unturned” and we’ve been busy turning over stone after stone, all the way to Capital Hill! In the past few months we’ve met with government officials in Washington D.C.; presented at the American Academy of Neurology, in Atlanta, Georgia; and promoted our children’s book at the world renowned New York Book Expo.
Jump on board… if you’d like us to forward our patient information booklet to your family physician or neurologist, simply provide us their contact information through our email at: This courtesy is available to HNF members nation wide.
As you approach the holiday season be sure and pace your energy and check out the special gift giving items available through iGive. Why shop til you drop when you can conveniently click your way through the stores… while at the same time support up and coming projects, all geared to improve the quality of life of people with CMT. And by the way; did you know there is an official CMT postage stamp now available? Just imagine – your snail mail can help LICK CMT as all sales proceeds will be directed to research slotted for 2006.
In the meantime, we wish you and your family a safe and enjoyable celebration this Thanksgiving!
Susan Wheeler, Executive Director
Allison Moore, President

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