e-Newsletter November 2005: CMTUS joins HNF, new programs

Wow! The interest in our newly released patient information booklet continues. If you are a full member and have not received your copy yet, please be patient as we are now sending them out continuously. As we have already announced, all members who have submitted the minimum of a $35 donation, are receiving a copy of this high-quality booklet for free, in addition to having full access to our on-line articles.
We are experiencing a high demand of requests for extra copies to be sent to physicians and other 3rd parties interested in CMT, therefore we have set a nominal price of only $10.00 per copy for any additional copies ordered beyond the free copy to members. To order extra copies please forward checks payable to our office at HNF, P.O. Box 287103 New York, NY 10128. Please remember to include your clear delivery instructions, i.e. name and address of the recipient.
…Following the footsteps of, who more than a year ago joined forces with HNF, CMTUS–-which brings along a dedicated group of CMT patients/on-line users–will now also stand by our side as we all move forward for the common benefit of CMT patients.

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