Jason Mitchener, Author and Songwriter

Just Passing Through by Jason MitchenerJason Mitchener, an author and songwriter with Dejerine-Sottas, recently found his way to this site. Despite being severely affected by Dejerine-Sottas, the disease hasn’t managed to slow him down; he’s the author of Just Passing Through: Notes from a Fellow Traveler, a book of devotionals; writer or co-writer of ten contemporary Christian songs on a CD of the same name; contributor to Mosaic Moments: Devotionals for the Chronically Ill, and wrote songs for the albums Follow Him Home by Steve Cass and Kaly, Tonight. He’s got note cards and postcards of his artwork and a disability awareness coloring book for kids on his website, and even does public speaking appearances about disability for Christian and secular audiences in Arizona.
You can drop Jason a line on the Dejerine-Sottas message boards if you’d like to contact this talented man. Jason, thank you for introducing yourself; our numbers may be few but our community gains much with each new member.

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