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Silk ‘could help repair nerves’

July 14, 2006

Filed under: Nerve Growth Factors

nerve cells growing in silk scaffoldSilk may be able to help repair damaged nerves, according to scientists.
The UK researchers have shown how nerve cells can grow along bundles of a special fibre, which has properties similar to spider silk.
They hope the silk will encourage cell re-growth across severed nerves, possibly even in damaged spinal cords. [BBC]

Scientists Develop A New Diagnostic Approach For Carriers Of Recessive Genetic Disorders

July 5, 2006

Filed under: News You Can Use

Scientists Vivian Cheung and Warren Ewens from the University of Pennsylvania have developed a new approach for the diagnosis of medical disorders that are inherited in a recessive manner. Their method is based on identifying subtle but distinct differences in genome-wide expression profiles using microarray technology. An article describing the approach appears online this week in the journal Genome Research. [Medical News Today]