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Quick mention of Dejerine-Sottas in article about Virginia Tech gathering

April 19, 2007

Filed under: People

This article about the gathering of Virginia Tech students following the shooting mentions a graduate student with Dejerine-Sottas:

Jessica Swanson, another graduate student at the convocation, said she knew one of the victims, Ryan Clark, whom she called “Stack.”
Swanson, who has Dejerine-Sottas syndrome, a neuromuscular disease that makes it difficult for her to speak, is studying for a master’s of business administration. Her comments were relayed through Kim Pagans, her assistant.
Clark, Swanson said, was “a really nice guy. A down-to-earth guy.”

Researchers Discover Gene Crucial for Nerve Cell Insulation

April 16, 2007

Filed under: Understanding the Cause

Researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health have discovered how a defect in a single master gene disrupts the process by which several genes interact to create myelin, a fatty coating that covers nerve cells and increases the speed and reliability of their electrical signals.
The discovery has implications for understanding disorders of myelin production. These disorders can affect the peripheral nervous system — the nerves outside the brain and spine. These disorders are known collectively as peripheral neuropathies. Peripheral neuropathies can result in numbness, weakness, pain, and impaired movement. They include one of the most common genetically inherited disorders, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, which causes progressive muscle weakening.