It’s National Neuropathy Week, May 14-18, 2007

Mark Your Calendars for National Neuropathy Week, May 14-18, 2007
May 14-18th has been designated National Neuropathy Week by the U.S. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. The Neuropathy Association initiated the tradition in 2005 in conjunction with its 10th anniversary celebration to bring greater public awareness about a condition estimated to affect more than 20 million Americans.
This May, we again strive to bring hope and help to the millions dealing with neuropathy, says Tina Tockarshewsky, executive director of The Neuropathy Association. And we renew our own public appeals that more attention and resources be dedicated to this stealth nerve destroyer.

This year, the Neuropathy Association is launching its first national public service ad campaign. Featuring Angela Lansbury whose husband had neuropathy the TV ads will appear nationwide throughout the year to raise awareness of neuropathy’s early warning signs and
In addition, the Association is asking its members and anyone with neuropathy to help with its outreach efforts. Within our own means and abilities, we each have opportunities to advocate for neuropathy, says Ronnie Chalif, president of The Neuropathy Association. We can lead in ways large and small. How we handle our illness on our own behalf becomes a very real testimony to others on what it means to live with neuropathy.
For more information, contact The Neuropathy Association at 212-692-0662 or 1-888-PN-FACTS.

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