1996 article from New York Times archives explains P0 mutation in Dejerine-Sottas

The New York Times recently digitized its pre-Internet archives and opened them to the public, so today I ran a search and found a single mention of Dejerine-Sottas disease. It’s an interesting article on the use of x-ray crystallography to shed some light on the proteins created by the P0 mutation, one of the mutations that causes Dejerine-Sottas.

Protein Linked to 3 Nerve Ailments

IN two papers representing the work of 19 researchers, scientists reported last week that they had seen, at a molecular level, the damage to an important protein that is the cause of three genetic nerve disorders. Dr. Thomas Bird, a professor at the University of Washington and chief of neurology at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Seattle, who is not associated with the groups who made the reports, said that the papers are examples of where medicine has arrived: at the molecular detail of human disease.

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