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Decoding DNA

March 14, 2010

PBS’ To the Contrary, hosted by Bonnie Erbé, has developed a three-part series called “Decoding DNA: Helping Children With Rare Diseases.” The program looks at genetic mapping and finding cures for children with rare diseases like Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease. To view the first two parts of the series, please visit PBS at the links below. Part 3 will be shown later this month. Please view your local listing for further information.
Decoding DNA Part 1
Decoding DNA Part 2

Boy with Dejerine-Sottas in the news

March 11, 2010

My trusty sidekick Google alerted me to the following story of a boy with Dejerine-Sottas in England whose horseback riding program may be cut due to lack of funds and volunteers.

Michael Murphy, 13, has Dejerine-Sottas disorder, which affects the nervous system. He attends the centre every week instead of doing physical education lessons at his school in Mill Hill.
He has won a number of dressage awards and will be representing Great Britain at a dressage competition in Belgium next month.
His mother, Sue, said: “It would be terribly sad if the centre had to close on a Sunday as it really benefits the children and adults that come here.
“Parents are also encouraged by watching their children progress and I have been so happy to see my son not only enjoying himself here but also getting exercise to strengthen his core muscles.”

Knowing the way these things work (at least here in the States) I have to wonder if Michael took up horseback riding because his school doesn’t offer an adaptive physical education program and won’t accommodate him in a regular P.E. class. In any case, kudos to Michael for his achievements on horseback!
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