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Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation Fundraising Campaign 2005

December 16, 2005

Filed under: Fundraising

Approaching the end of 2005, we [the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation] are launching today a Fundraising Campaign – ending January 31st, 2006 – to help with our initiatives in the new Year. We encourage you to support our cause once again in 2006. To entice even more generous donations, Robert Moore, co-founder of HNF, has offered to match each of this campaign’s donations dollar-for-dollar. (Remember, all donations are tax deductible for US-donors.)

My Sister Laura Goes to Jail… for Good

July 12, 2005

Filed under: Fundraising

Today my older sister Laura participated in the MDA Lockup to raise money for MDA’s summer camp program. For the past few days she’s been thoroughly enjoying calling family and friends to gleefully announce her impending jail time just to elicit their shocked reactions, and this morning she was finally dragged off.
Laura was charged with being “caring, good-natured and influential”, and sentenced to serve time at MDA’s jail site, a local bar and grill. She had her mugshot taken wearing a chic little black-and-white ensemble with horizontal stripes.
I am pleased to report that she raised nearly $800 in bail; more than enough to send a lucky kid with neuromuscular disease to camp. Way to go, Laura!

Message from HNF

May 5, 2005

Filed under: Fundraising

The Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation would like everyone to know that you can support Charcot-Marie-Tooth research by doing your Mother’s Day shopping at iGive. Up to 30% of each purchase you make from hundreds of participating online stores goes to your favorite worthy cause.